This page contains step by step instructions on how to place an order.
  1. All orders must be submitted through the Order Form provided at the bottom on every post of the item.
  2. You will receive an invoice within 24 hours upon submitting the Order Form.
  3. Please make payment to the account number given to you within 2 days upon receiving the invoice. 
  4. Payment can be made via bank transfer, CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) or at the bank counter. Only Maybank, CIMB, Alliance and Public bank available.
  5. For bank transfer, please include seller's email ( at the recipient's email column. 
  6. For CDM and bank counter, please provide your payment slip and send it via email or whatsapp.
  7. Your order will be shipped the next working day upon receiving your payment.
  8. The details of your shipment will be emailed or whatsapp to you.
  9. If you have further questions, please contact me via:
          Text/Whatsapp: 0168478121

Thank you and have a great day.

Best Regards,
Ujie's The Makeup Shop